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Mechanical Engineering
ME 481
Sanjeev Bedi

ME349 Engineering Design ProjectsThe Design Notebook Each student is required to maintain a design notebook for this course It will be collected at the end of the semester to help me evaluate what you contributed to the design Use a bound notebook rather than a 3ring binder Binders are too messy and are not accepted by the courts as evidence should what you are working on ever result in a patent What should you put in your design notebookThe final report documents your design but your notebook tells how you got there Your design notebook is a record of everything you have done in developing your design Use it as a diary to record how you spent your hours on the project The design notebook is NOT a place for course lecture notes Use another notebook for that Your design notebook should include information such as CalculationsBrainstorming sketchesInformation gathering phone calls Make sure you record the date the name of the person you spoke to his or her title and company and the telephone numberReference material from the library or theweb Record title author and call number in case you have get it again Parts listsModel numbers of all competing parts that you could use in your designCost estimationsAssembly stepsGo for volume If you are really working hard on this project you will be filling in the neighborhood of 10 pages each week It is not unusual to fill one notebook and be starting on a second before the end of the courseTry to think visually with regard to your notebooks It should include thumbnail sketches of ideas freebody diagrams design process and the like Again volume is the key Organize the notebook chronologically and be sure to date each entry Dating is very important if you want to follow up on a phone call or if the Patent Office wants evidence on exactly when you came up with your wonderful inventionNumber the pages That way you can write crossreferencing notes like See page 23 for other info on cylinders Dont erase anything If you dont like what you have cross it out with a large X that will let you see whats underneathThis is important because you may wish to refer back to idea in the futureIt will also allow to see your mistakes and not make them twice Use lots of white space to separate entries This will make it much easier to scan it for information later
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