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Post Midterm Question review This is a list of questions about the whole material , you can test your knowledge of the material before the final

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Management Sciences
MSCI 211
Shahed Alam

Module 6 1- What are the layers of organization culture(2)? 2- What are the characteristics of organization culture (7)? 3- What are the four culture typology ? 4- What are the dimensions underlining organizational culture (2)? 5- What are the dysfunctional aspects of Culture(3)? 6- What are the strategies for merging cultures(3)? 7- What are the models for approach to managing change(4)? 8- What are the sources of individual resistance to change(5)? 9- What are the sources of organizational resistance to change(6)? 10- How to overcome resistance (6)? 11- What are the eight step plan for implementing change? 12- What are the five steps of action research ? 13- Steps for appreciated inquiry (4 D’s) Module 7 1- Decision between different channels is influenced by 2 things ? 2- 5 things that are barriers of effective communication ? 3- List 4 barriers to cross culture communication difficulties ? 4- Types of conflicts : name 2 ? 5- What are the dimensions of conflict resolution ? 2? 6- What are the five conflict resolutions suggested by the dual theory ? 7- Techniques for managing conflicts ( 5 general , 4 work related) 8- Negotiation types (2) ? 9- Five steps to negotiating ? (DDCBC) Module 8 1- 6 bases of power? 2- Response to base of power ( 3 ways ) ? 3- 3 ways dependency is increased? 4- What are the influence tactics used ? (9) 5- Characteristics of empowered people(4)? 6- Key elements of organization politics (3)? Module 9 1- What are the dimensions of leader behavior the
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