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Management Sciences
MSCI 211
Clifford Blake

Chapter 10 Teamwork and HighPerformance TeamsSelfManage team and High performance teamHigh Performance Team Teama small group of people with complementary skills who work together actively to achieve a common purpose that together hold themselves accountable forTo satisfy more social general purposeGroupinvolve two or more people interacting with each other either to achieve a common goal as in a teamTypes of teamsTo recommend thingsTemporary group eg task force ad hoc committee project teams to study problem and recommend solutions create to study specific problem and recommend solutions they work with target completion date and break up once they have achieved their purpose these teams must be quick at learning how to work well together accomplished the assigned task make good action recommendations for followup work by other people EX federal government often relies on these teamsTo run thingsManagement teams with responsibility for leading other groups teams can add value To make or do thingsPerform ongoing tasks Ex marketingmanufacturingNature of TeamworkHighperformance teams characterized bySense of collective accountabilityBelief in team goalsStrong core valuesGeneral sense of purpose translated into specific performance objectivesRight mix skills include technical problemsolving and interpersonal skillsCreativityDiversityTeam Performance1Homogeneous same age gender race experience ethnicity cultureCan be easy for the teams to quickly build social relationshipswork together harmoniously but may be limited in terms of ideas viewpoints creativityHeterogeneous different demographic experiences cultureHave a rich pool of information talent and perspectivesThat can help problems solving and increase creativityteams have more stresses in development stages but better longterm performance potential due to pool of information talent and perspectivesTeamBuildingTeambuildingis a collaborative way to gather and analyze data to improve teamwork Steps in teambuilding1Identify problem in group functioning2Gather data and analyse3Plan improvements4Implement action plans5Evaluate results and then begin cycle again as it is an ongoing processTeamBuilding ApproachesFormal retreat approachOffsite retreatGroup members work intensively on assessment and planning tasks often with consultant examine group accomplishmentContinuous improvement approachRegular meetings by group committed periodic meetingsto monitoring group processes and making daytoday changes to improvesuch continuous teamwork is important for the organization todayOutdoor experience approachMembers need teamwork to master variety of physically challenging situations Increase selfconfidence more respect to each others capabilitiesImproving Team Processes New Member ProblemsNew members are concerned about issues ofParticipationGoalsControl2
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