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Simon Wood

FinalThe British InvasionUS in early 60s optimism with kennedy Camelot ML King Civil RightsThe New FrontierKennedy was aleft wing means More Government Right wing means independent free reign Kennedy was very right wing and catholic Kennedy had a view of what the US could become and it was powerful that people refer to Kennedy as CamelotCamelot is a mythical place of the Arthur Kennedy had a round table roundno head or in chargeKennedy was a wanted person of equality With Kennedy it seems that the sky was the limitCivil movement were able to grow This was a serviceKennedy Ask not what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your countryOptimismthe NEW FRONTIERit was a wonderful timeAugust 1963Washington Martin Luther King JrI have a dreamPeople were very touched Luther was very good at the speechesImprovised half the speechDuring a trip to DallasPresident Kennedy was shotThe Texas school book depositoryAssassinated Nov 22 1963Dallas TexasOswald shot himPeople loved himFebruary 1964The Beatles arrive in New YorkPost War BritainReturn to DIY cultureAlthough Germans never set foot on England soilEngland was laid waste and everything was badThe war was ended the rebuilding would take yearsRashoning went on until 1956Unlike the states there were no factories the factories were demolishedThe road systems were destroyedIn years that follow there is massive unemployment and under employment lack of jobs and lack of skillHowever they still want culture therefore they start finding music IN themselvesAlmost like a folk culturePeople try to make music by themselvesSkiffle A type of musicWhen an economy starts to slumthe young people sufferYoung people are competing with older peopleSo young people played in bands called skiffle WASH TUB BASS use a string with a broom and attach to the boxSkiffle bands played a lot of things but they played a lot of rhythm and blues music American music And rock and roll when it appearsEngland is being rebuilt and the Americans are helping themWhen economy is bad black market gets goodSailors americans brought English stuff that England people wantedThey brought chocolate cigarettes nylon stockings and AMERICAN RECORDSThat is how british kids find out about American music black marketThe Quarrymen They are based in Liverpool center of music The first place you visit to get American RecordsHad John LennonAt a party in summer July 1957 Lennon meets McCartney Vocal and GuitarBegan to write songs togetherThey BOTH write songsThey wrote songs like Olympic athletes They would figure out songs and how they workedThey used to train about everything songs could be usedThe only thing they couldnt do was play guitar solos Paul had a friend who could do guitar solos they met in the upper double decker The friend was George HarrisonFebruary 1958 George Harrison Lead Guitar joins bandThey have a remarkable amount of songs and become popular as a backup band for othersAgents told them that they could get more work if they got a bass and a drumJanuary 1960 Stu Sutcliffe BassAugust 1960 name changed to The Beatles originally Beetles because they liked insects that did a lot of noiseAugust 1960 Pete Best DrumsThe band spent a lot of time playing in Germany August 1960 Hamburg GermanyRocker Image they went because Americans were thereThere are thousands of Americans in Germany West Germany in Germany because after the war it was expensive to call Americans oversees they then called the closer state of England for the BeatlesoWest was democratic east was communist by RussiansBeatles were a rough groups they took a lot of drugsamphetamines to stay awake because they were playing around 8 hours a day 56 days a weekThey were fighting a lot they had run ins When they werent in England they were in Liverpool The Cavern ClubJuly 1961 Sutcliffe leaves to become an artist Painter John knew Sutcliffe from Art College and Sutcliffe didnt really know how to play bassoMcCarthy switches to bassoSutcliffe dies of a brain hemorrhage in April 1962
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