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Simon Wood

POPULAR MUSIC AND INTRODUCTION TO ROCKMusic140Lecture 1What is Popular MusicWhat is popular music It is a social collection the music coming together It is an identity and tells us about the world around us Post World War IIA fusion of rhythm n Blues Black Culture Country and Western Rural White Culture and Tin Pan Alley Urban White Culture South of the United States oDeals largely with the black and white culture oRace is not useful at all however it is a social factoroPeople tend to group together and act similar to others who are in the worldoTin Pan Alley became the ONLY popular musicafter the world war it is the music of northern white middle classIt gave rise to rock and roll afterwardsDependent on the development ofoThe Industrial Revolution 15001600s to 18001900s completely revolutionizedBefore this time Monarchies were prominent after the revolution most are democracies Democratic Governments help the music industry because music can be used to rebel Ex Iran doesnt like rock bands so everything is undergroundoThe Middle Class this is due to currency The middle class was created by banking during the industrial revolution We started making ACTUAL currency This also provided saving money and currency It allowed for savingsFrom Monarchies where people own everything to the now where people are spending a lot of money because they have the money oLarge Urban Populations This was because of the Rural to Urban shift Since a lot of people are in the same place they can have audiences that they can have stores to sell them atoCopyright Law Music is just an idea Because ideas can be stolen you need this to ensure the idea was given accreditationTo prevent the resale of ideas The Queen created the stationers where you were given the right to make copies This was the beginning of CopyrightoTechnologies of Mass Production and Broadcasting We need music to be available to everyone and also we need to be known for them to be knownBy 1945Music industry divided into three distinct categorieso1 Popular pop whitemiddle classurbano2 Race black regardless of class or location or style or musico3 Hillbilly origins in poor white ruralis now migrating to urban areas particularly in the southern UScountry and westernProducts of the music industry are sheet music and recordingsSheet music dominates recordings until the late 1920s Sometimes it was only sheet music that was presentWhile sheet music is still important by the end of WWII the Recording Industry has come to dominateDevelopment of American Music IndustryWhat creates the need for Popular Music as a consumer product1831 Amendments to the copyright law to cover sheet music because there were a lot of people trying to make a living as song writersThe Victorian Ballad a tale Minstrel Show and Parlour MusicParlour Music was a good example of industrial revolution the rise of the middle class luxury itemspiano a symbol of wealth Daughters pursue leisure activities because piano playing carries the fact that the family has money and the daughter doesnt need to work
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