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Study Guides for Nathan Funk

Roots of Conflict, Violence, and Peace

Exam Study Guides for PACS201

Covers all exam topics.

[PACS 201] - Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam (48 pages long!)

UW PACS 201 FINAL EXAM STUDY GUIDE find more resources at PACS Mapping Conict and its Sources what are some major patterns of conict in the world today? How do our views about human nature shape our understa...

Peace and Conflict Studies
Nathan Funk
PACS201 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Human Security, Structural Violence, World Government

Multiple Actors Need to have Nation Interest = Human Interest States, international organizations, Values Norms Laws Institutions NGOs social movements, ethnic Preeminence of National Interest groups, transnational corpor...

Peace and Conflict Studies
Nathan Funk
Final Review This gives a final look at all of the different paradigms side by side. It's very useful to clarify some confusing parts of the course material.

Power Politics Paradigm World Order Paradigm Conflict ResolutionParadigm Nonviolence Paradigm Transformation Paradigm Peace Peace is the absence of war Peace is more than the absence of Peace through the power of Peace co...

Peace and Conflict Studies
Nathan Funk
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