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University of Waterloo
Peace and Conflict Studies
PACS 314
Fae Samuels

PACS 314May 30 2011 How to implement a Mediation ProgramKnow for test the 6 stepsphasesTo implement a program you need to o Know enough about the program o Phase 1 Develop the program team people who are all interested and want to make a difference by making the school more peacefulo Phase 2 design and plan a program that will help the kids understand the importance of having a place of peaceTime linewhen to start the program when to start training kids o Phase 3 Select and Train the mediators o Phase 4 Educate a critical mass of the school population o Phase 5 Develop and execute promotional campaigns posters programs etc o Phase 6 Operate and maintain the program If there isRight of soul there will beBeauty in the person andHarmony in the home as well asPeace in the workCharacteristics of a Good Mediator 1 Interested in working with people 2 Good communicator 3 Develops trust 4 Maintains confidentiality 5 Neutral6 CreativeA Mediator isA good listenerA good team workerA fair person who doesnt take sideA helperA dependable personA person you can trustA person who can keep things privateA person who does not make assumptions or draw conclusions based on stereotypes Everyone can winthrough the peer mediation process conflicts are redefined so no one has to lose There are many benefits to peer mediation for both students and teachersChoosing people for the program 1 The teachers recommend the students for the program 2 The students identify three students to whom they refer to when they have a problem 3 Finds kids that will say who they would turn to when they have a problem and create a database of all these names These people would be problems solvers already 4 Take the names and send them to the counsellors and ask what they think so they can help you to select the right people to train 5 The teacher mediations that you already have make sure that you have mixed grades mixed genders etc 6 Inform the students that they were selected by their peers and their teachers 7 Put our an email all the people who accept the invitation 8 Start interviewing them9 Inform the staff of the successful ones 10 Train them to become mediatorsStrategies to make Peer Mediation Programs work 1 All students must be given the opportunity to nominate their personKey points of VictimOffender Mediation Article from ReaderHas to be voluntary and the more enthusiastic people were about going to Peer Mediation the better the results wereVictims having questions answered allow them to healBy meeting face to face with the victim the offender gets a chance to see the harm they did and have a change of heartWhen they meet face to face it stretches the concept of mediation its a part of mediation extended you have to account for what youre doingVictim assistance and the making of amends The victim is able to let the offender know how the crime affected themThe offender is able to take direct responsibility for his or her behaviour and learn the full impact of what he or she did Gives them a chance to make amendsDefinition of VictimOffender Offers victims an opportunity to meet the offender in a safe setting and will hold the offender directly accountable to their actionsPage 190the value of victimoffender While many other types of mediation are settlement driven victimoffender mediation puts emphasis on victim healing offender accountability and restorationHumanistic mode of mediation page 190read the details EXAMVictim Offender mediationwhat is itEXAMPremediation you come together with the people who are going to mediationyour speak to them to find out what the problem is and make them aware of the process so they know what theyre going into Mediation is a process where they get a chance to speak in a safe environment where they wont be judged and the mediators are neutralPage 190Inception in Kitchener Ontario when the first victimoffender program was established in 1974EXAMConflict Resolution Services in downtown KitchenerPage 193Shuttle Mediationthe third party carries the information back and forth Read all of 193Features who participates and whyPeer Mediation and the Justice System Article from ReaderWhat is Peer MediationPeople have different perceptions based on their own life experiences
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