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PHIL 110A Professor Shannon Dea Office HH329 Phone 8884567 ext 32778 Email sjdeauwaterlooca Office hours TTh 115215 by appointment or by chance uwangeluwaterloocaWhat is philosophy Definition of philosophy according to a fellow student y Forms of reasoning and argumentation to show how you think o Induction o Deduction y Language y Explore life and reality and overall meaning of existenceArgument analogues to proof y Premiseconclusion y Supporting evidence y A collection of premises leading to a conclusion Eg P1 P2 then C P1 all men are mortal P2 Socrates is a man C Socrates is mortal Attack premises 4 broad categorizations of philosophy 1 Epistemology theory of knowledge2 Metaphysicstheory of reality 3 Ethicsgood conduct for individuals 4 Political philosophyphilosophical analysis of political system The good and the right conduct for groups 1 and 2 Are fundamentals for 3 and 4BCEbefore common time thWrite philosophy as if your audience is 8 grade smartasses The question of the existence of God Reasons to believe in God y Fear of unknown y Tradition o Family o Culture o PoliticaljudicialGaps in scienceignorance yy Questions about our origins o Cosmology argument y Seeking meaning of life y Seeking securityo Afterlife reward o Loneliness o Involvement into a community o Fear of going to hell o Someone is looking out for you y External cause that takes pressure off us y Moral tenets y Nothing to lose and much to be gainMystical experiences yy Argument by design y Identityy Irrationality o Belief in faith rather than rationality y Evidence y Explanation for selflessness etc y Ontological argument Historicaltextual evidence y
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