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Political Science
PSCI 100
John Jaworsky

What is the nature of the midtermExample questionsA description of something and you fill in the blankPart A Write brief a list In a situation where a full fledged nation is a minority in a other nation write two ways the nation can the nation can satify the drive to a national selfdetermination 1 independence and 2 Autonomyex2 Name the three primary source of ethnosources of diversity in Canada Answer 1 Immigration 2 National minority Quebecois and 3 Canadas native peoplePart B a single point question the term used to discribe the fact that native people have rights that are not given to them by the government but are theirs The answer Inherent rightsThe name of a European country that has adopted a policy of strictly territorial official languages 1 Belgium different from Canada which promotes French from Coast to CoastThe name of the one province that is formally Bilingualism policy New BrunswickThe term to determine the name of something where you are loyal
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