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Lecture 2 - Identity, Ideology, and Culture Full in-depth analysis of topics covered in class and in the book. Lecture 2 started Jan 13, 2011 and ended Jan 25, 2011 with over 7 pages of notes. Great study for final exam and midterm!!!!!!

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Political Science
PSCI 110
Jingjing Huo

PSCI Jan 13 2011 Identity Ideology and CultureThe Breakup of Yugoslavia Each group who separated was roughly homogenous groupTherefore it separated by ethnic linesEach group carved out piece of itselfSeparated because of conflicts in ethnic identity National IdentityThe Big Question Who am IidentityWhat should we doideologyWho am I as well as what should I doculture Between ethnic and ideology wars which one is harder to solve Ethnic conflict because its personal and you cant change your ethnicity Harder to solve than any other political division You can trace most wars to ethnic divisionsEthnic Identity Relationship to other people Difference between Race and Ethnicity Racefacial features things that are given at birth EthnicityReligion Culture languageHas a diverse componentGiven at BirthSocial not biological Based more on language and religion social attributes not birthUnique to each ethnic groupETHNIICITY IS CULTURAL NOT BIOLOGICALNational Identity Often develop from ethnic identity1 Often political leads to disputes over resources and power Difference than ethnic identity as ethnic identity is not political 2 Usually Uniform Within a given country If not demand for independence increases State is at RiskNationalism Pride and belief in identity Belief in selfsuperiority different from patriotismNationalism against other countriesinterstate conflicts warsNationalism against compatriots own country mendemand for independence and civil warRelating Ethnic and National Identities
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