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Study Guide 1: The State and Identities This study guide is based on the discussions of Units 1 and 2 of the Course!! Excellent to study for an exam review and summarized the main concepts you should know for the the first midterm and exam!!!!! Very detai

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University of Waterloo
Political Science
PSCI 110
Jingjing Huo

Discussion and Review 1 The State and Identities1 Explain state regime and government What are their characteristicsState The borders of political entity have to be defined and only 1 exclusive source military power violence military authority Its the monopoly of violence over a given territory Usually a state has to be sovereign ability to implement policies wo interference State is usually the strongest Function of a state is to design longterm objectives for a society shortterm policies and implement these policies Primary function is implementation of policies planned by regimeRegime Fundamental set of values norms or objectives of how society should be run They protect these values through the Constitution as their norms are embodied in itGovernment The leadership in charge of designing shortterm policies for the country These policies should reflect longterm values of the regime and the state implements these policiesGovernment is easiest to overthrow You overthrow a regime through a revolution coo To overthrow the state you lose territory and total chaos of law and order2 How did the state emerge How did the state compete with other alternative political organizations How did the emergence of the state affect the formation of identitiesconflictsEm
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