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Psych 101 Exam 3 Complete Summary Notes

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Amanda Clark

Module 48Introduction to Psychological Disorders Psychological Disordersdeviant distressful and dysfunctional patterns of thoughts feelings or behavioursstandardsdeviant behaviour vary by time contextculture normal for some but not others Middle Agesthe devil made me do itcured by exorcisms and drilling holes in the skull other brutal treatmentsreform began when it was discovered that syphilis physical disorder distorts the mind Medical modelpsychological disorders have physical causes that can be treated may be cured schizophrenia symptoms often include irrationality and incoherent speech DSMIVTRAmerican psychiatric Associations Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders system for classifying psychological disorders diagnostic process with 16 clinical syndromesAxis IIs a Clinical Syndrome presentAxis IIIs a Personality Disorder or Intellectual Disability presentAxis IIIIs a General Medical Condition such as diabetes hypertension or arthritis presentAxis IVAre Psychosocial or Environmental Problems such as school or housing issues presentAxis VWhat is the Global Assessment of this persons functioning some critics say it casts too wide a net bringing almost any king of behaviour within psychiatry once we label a person we view that person differently labels affect our perceptionsinterpretations many psychological disorders are diseases of the brain not failures of character mental disorders seldom lead to violencein real life people with disorders are more likely to be the victims of violenceModule 49Anxiety Disorders Anxiety disorderspsychological disorders characterized by distressing persistent anxiety or maladaptive behaviours that reduce anxietyGeneralized anxiety disorderObsessivecompulsive disorderPanic disorderPosttraumatic stress disorderPhobiasGeneralized anxiety disorder WORRYperson cannot identify and therefore cannot deal with or avoid its cause called freefloatingjittery agitated sleepdeprived hard to concentrate may lead to high blood pressure 2x more women rare when it gets to age 50 Panic Disorder PANICunpredicted minutelong episodes of intense dreadpanic attacks minuteslong episode of intense fear that something horrible is going to happenheart palpitations shortness of breath chocking sensations trembling dizziness2x more women Phobias FEARpersistent irritational fear and avoidance of a specific object or situationsome accept their phobias others cannot live normally with themSpecific phobias triggered by specific stimulus spiders blood etcSocial phobias not specific extreme shyness etcagoraphobia fear of situations in which escape may be difficult when panic strikes2x more women ObsessiveCompulsive Disorder OCD UNWANTED THOUGHTSDYSFUNCTIONAL ACTIONSunwanted repetitive thoughts obsessions and or actions compulsionspersistently interfere with everyday living cannot function properly and cause distressex checking if you locked the door 10 times washing hands 5 times etcmore common among teens and young adults than older people PostTraumatic Stress Disorder PTSD RECALLING DISTRESS haunting memories nightmares social withdraw jumpy anxiety and or insomnia that lingers for 4 weeks or more after a traumatic experiencereported by soldiersveterans and survivors of accidents disasters and violentsexual assaultsthe greater ones emotional distress during a trauma the higher the risk for PTSD symptoms
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