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Jennifer Tomaszczyk

Psychology Review Introduction to the Science of PsychologyModule 1 BehaviorismThe view that psychology should be an objective science and that it should study behavior without reference to mental process and this form of view is not agreed with today Humanistic Psychologyhistorically significant perspective that has emphasized the growth potential of healthy people Cognitive Neurosciencethe study of brain activity linked with cognition which includes perception thinking memory and language PsychologyThe science of behavior and mental processes NatureNurture IssueWhether or not genes contribute to the development of psychological traits and behaviors or if it is the way someone is brought up todays science sees this from the interaction of both Natural SelectionAmong the range of inherited trait variations the ones that have to do with survival will most likely be passed on Levels of AnalysisDifferent views such as biological to psychological to socialcultural that allow you to analyze any given phenomenonBiopsychological ApproachThe approach that incorporates socialcultural biological and psychological levels of analysis Basic ResearchA pure science that aims to increase the scientific knowledge base Applied ResearchThe study that aims to solve practical problems Counseling ResearchA branch of psychology that aims to assist people with problems in living such as marriage school or work and aims to achieve a greater well being Clinical PsychologyBranch of psychology that studies assesses and treats people with psychological disorders PsychiatryBranch of medicine that deals with psychological disorders and provides medical treatments and psychological therapy Positive PsychologyThe study of human functioning that has the goals of discovering and promoting strengths and virtues that help a community and individuals thrive Community PsychologyThe branch of psychology that deals with how people interact socially and how social institutions affect groups and individuals Psychology Review Module 2 Hindsight BiasTo believe that after an outcome one would have foreseen it I knew it all along Critical ThinkingA thinking that does not blindly accept arguments and rather examines assumptions evaluates evidence and assesses conclusion CultureEnduring behavior ideas attitudes values and traditions that are shared by a group of people and go from one generation to the next Informed ConsentEthical principle that research participants be told enough to enable them to choose whether they wish to participate DebriefingPost experimental explanation of a study including purpose and deceptionsModule 3 TheoryAn explanation that uses an integrated set of principles and organizes observations and predicts behaviors or events HypothesisA testable prediction that is implied by theory Operational DefinitionA statement of the procedures that are used to define research variables ReplicationRepeating the essence of the research study that is done with different participants in different situations Case StudyA technique that is used when one person is studied in depth to reveal a universal principleNaturalistic ObservationObserving and recording behavior in a naturally occurring situation without trying to manipulate or control the situation SurveyA technique that is used to find the selfreported attitudes or behaviors of a group usually by questioning a representative or a random sample PopulationAll the cases in a group that is being studied Random SampleA sample that fairly represents a populationCorrelationA measure of the extent of how two factors vary together and it therefore predicts how well each factor affects the other Correlation CoefficientThe statistical index of the relationship between two things ranging from 1 to 1 ScatterplotA graph that represents two variables and can show the strength of a correlation
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