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Memory; Exam Study Tips This is the alternative outline (the one on the overhead not the one posted on UW-ACE), as provided by Dr. Ennis, with my own annotations.

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Richard Ennis

1MEMORYLecture OutlineSensation and Perception Across TimeMemory can be thought of as sensation and perception across timeStage Model Encoding and StorageEncoding and StorageSensation and perception across timeSensory Memory RegisterAll sensation that enters our brain from the external worldFirst filter of material which selects out material that may be useful in the futureoThe rest is background and disappears virtually foreverCapacity is quite high but storage is shorttimed measured in secondsIconic and echoic memoryIconic vision and echoic sound memory are the main contents of the sensory memoryTotal recall is available for a few seconds close your eyes as you are looking at this page and you can see an image of it for a few secondsoSee sensory register overheadBackground noise is not retrievable in the futureTransfer to STMInternal and External TriggersSee sensory register overheadInternal triggers are things we are motivated or aroused fromExternal triggers are things in our environment which demand our attentionThis information is registered and transferred to shortterm memory
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