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Week 9-Clinical Psychology II a. Clinical Psychology II: Therpaies-The Big picture  Anxiety disorders, o Cognitive behavior therapies and phobias  Mood disorders o Medication and therapy  Schizophrenia o Medication therap  Evaluating therapies o Is therapy effectibe? o If so, what makes it effective? b. Anziety Disorders  Phobias o Very successful in therapy o Usually treated with cognitive therapy o Systematic desentization-showing fear over and over again, and control thoughts with peaceful calming, thoughts to be used to the fear o Cognitive behavioural therapy: trying to get people to engage I nbehaviours that will help them out, while at the same time utilizing their thoughts as a way t o encourage and develop those behaviours  More serious anxiety disorders o Agoraphobia, social phobia, obsesice compulsive disorder o Usually treated with a combination of drug therapy and cognitive therapy c. Mood Disorders  Treated with both medication and cognitive therapy.  Cognitive therapy for dperessions o Remember that the critical issue for depressed peope in their thinking is that hey tend to make a catastrophe of all the events in their lives o Focuses on the thoughts that depressed people have  15% to 20% of the people seeking therapy are experienging major depression o they don’t respond to drugs or therapy o often become suicidal  ECT-Electro convulsive Therapy o In the 40s and 50s this type of therapy was used as punishment ; as a way to control patients in the mental hospitals o They discovered that depressed people sometimes got better from it o Put the individual under anesthesia and using only one half of the brain, will apply electric currents to noe side of the brain or the other o This form of therapy is still controversial since it is still unclear as to how it actually words o How often the treatments must be carried out will vary depending on the individual  About 30% to 40% will be better without any treatment in 6-9 months  Biploar disorder o Treated with medication o Lithium is the medication used d. Schizophrenia  Treated with medication  It would not be easy to do therapy with someone who is not making any sense  Both schizophrenia and bipolar disorder often include group therapy o Allows people to deal with the stigma of having a mental illness;that others will see them as crazy, or mentally ill o This stigma can control peoples’ expectations of what the individual with the illness is like, and the type of person that they are o Can even affect the way that people are treated in mental hospitals  On being sane in insane places-study by rosenhan o Participant observation study o Had a group fo graduate students go to a mental institution claiming that they were hearing voices o Of the 15 grads, 14 were admitted as having a mental disorder o 11 had schizophrenic o it took the mental health professional weeks to figure out that these individuals were not suffereing from schizophrenia, - out of 15 had to tell them the truth first o the writing of notes was terpreted as paranoid behavior o the starr read into their beahviour and misread the diagnosis o shows how straon these expectation of thwat it means to be schizophrenic or crazy can olour how other people view the individual o also shows that even the best of intentions can lead to difficulties o the therapies and treatments that people have many not always be ofbenefit to the ndividual, and that there is much room for improvemtn e. Evaluation Psychotherapies  Memory and hypnoses-suggested that hypnoses could actually create false memories, bad thing that did no
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