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Perception and disabled perceptions. Notes for exam 1.docx

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Nathaniel Barr

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May 16, 2013 Perception Consciousness experience is an active reconstructive process. Review: Size constancy: Proximal stimulus does not equal the percept. Distal stimulus: the thing out there. Proximal stimulus: retinal image. Percept: recognition of object. Bottom up and top down work together! Bottom up processes: Pick up little pieces of environment and piecing them together to create a bigger picture. Three general classes: 1. Template matching: correspondence between external stimulus and stored pattern in memory (internal template) Problems: you need lots of templates and need to have an exact match. How did new ones come in? Does not deal with variation of stimuli. 2. Feature analysis: Objects are combinations of features. First we recognize the features then we recognize the combinations. Why is this better than templates? More flexible than template. Don’t need to match 100% but need to have familiar features. There is also a reduced number of templates because you only store the basics, that can apply or form different things. 3. Prototype matching: Matching pattern to stored representation. Which is idealized. The most basic and typical “dog” the doggiest dog. An exact match is not required. There are not necessary features like in feature analysis. Much more flexible than any before. The more features the more likelihood of a match. Top down process: Your knowledge and expectations can bias the way you perceive things. It’s about context. Perception does seem driven by Change blindness: Other views of perception/Unusual perception: Direct perception: it is contrasted with the constructivist. They say that we construct our views using info) view and people directly infer affordances (things that we can work with in front of us) in environment. But here they say that we don’t need to manipulate the info. (Unlike
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