PSYCH101 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Long-Term Memory, Baddeley'S Model Of Working Memory, Episodic Memory

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28 Nov 2017
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PSYCH101 Full Course Notes
PSYCH101 Full Course Notes
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Baddeley"s mode of working memory: extends the functions and complexity of short-term memory. Basically involves a model of short-term remembering that includes a combination of memory components that can temporarily store small amounts of information for a short period of time. Key feature of baddeley"s model: it recognizes that stimuli are encoded simultaneously (eg. vision with hearing) can be divided into 3 storage components). Central executive: determines how much attention is given to each component of the working memory. It switches the energy content b/w each memory depending on the task at hand: visual spatial sketch pad- is a storage component of working memory that maintains visual images and spatial layouts in a visuospatial code. It also has to do with cognitive tasks. It helps keep up to date as to where objects are. Holds information to long term memory, pulls necessary info from long term memory into the episodic buffer.