Summary of Canadian Research Midterms and exams may ask you questions regarding studies done at the University of Waterloo. I've took the time to go through all the lectures and composed all the UW studies into a nice, neat and summarized document.

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Research Studies at University of Waterloo
Blending of sensory perception
Digit-colour: when someone sees a number, there is a particular colour that is projected at same
Congruent: number and background are very similar in colour
Incongruent: number and background are contrasting and it is easier to recognize number
Object Permanence
Infants do understand object permanence earlier than 8 months
Occurs in two week intervals
2.5 months: if it is behind something, you don’t see it
2.5-3 months: learn about seeing things in gaps
3-3.5 months: learn about heights
Study Skills Course
Students enrolled in a course at U of W to help improve study skills
Say they improved but really just exaggerated
We remember what we want to remember
Priming and Time Judgements
Dr. Jennifer Stolz
Judgments about timing of concepts can be affected if primed
You’ll believe you saw something sooner if it is related to the primer
Focus on Effectiveness of Therapy
Johnathan Oakman
Three conditions:
- Controlled Conditioning: guided self-help with minimal interaction with therapist
- Standard Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: done in groups
- Cognitive Behaviour Therapy w/ Technology: use of videotaping of group interaction
and doing role play
All three conditions were working at same degree; all methods affective
Judgements and Perceptions
Sinclair & Kunda
Present a pitch to get a job, interviewer was black or white
Interviewer either gave good or bad reviews about the interviewee
Positive feedback = positive person
If manager is black, he is seen as incompetent
Stereotype Threat
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