Exam One Review Chapters 1, 15, 14, 17 First exam Notes from text: Classical view of leisure Leisure as free time Leisure and social status Feminist view of Leisure Sex as a form of leisure When sex is no longer considered leisure Gender and leis

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Recreation and Leisure Studies
REC 100
Diana Parry

Part One Leisure in Canada Section A Understanding LeisureChapter 1 Defining LeisureThe Classical View of Leisure Leisure as a State of Being Classical View refers to contemplation enjoyment of self in search of knowledge debate politics and cultural enlightenment Classical referring to ancient civilizationAncient GreeceClear line between work recreation and leisure work was seen as a means to provide for ones family recreation was resting after work and while leisure is a way to enjoy ones selfGreeks believed leisure was more important than either recreation or work Work was seen as a way to earn leisure time And recreation was seen as a way to rejuvenate so that one could work some moreLeisure was associated with freedom Aristotle 384322 BCE philosopher saw leisure as necessary way to help develop growth in goodness virtue ethical development and enlightenment of ones self Aristotle believed that leisure should be taught within the school system since leisure helped cultivate the mind 80 of the Greek population at the time was enslaved allowing for such leisure Aristotles ideas on leisure were based on the fact that the other 80 of the population was doing most of the work while he and other aristocrats had time freed up thanks to having slavesAugustine 354440 CE theologian and bishop believed in three types of life The Life of Leisure The Life of Action The Combined Life of Leisure and ActionAll three of these lifestyles where acceptable as long as the life of leisure did not ignore the needs of ones neighbor and the life of action did not ignore the contemplation of godAugustine believed that leisure involved the investigation of truthThomas Aquinas 12251274 theologian middle ages combined both Aristotles and Christina teachings together Leisure is time spent contemplating godJosef Pieper 19071997 also believed that leisure is mental and spiritual attitudea condition of the soula receptive attitude of mind a contemplative attitude Leisure The Basis of Culture Today the Roman Catholics carry out the classical view of leisure Sylvester 1990 pointed out the classical leisure view put emphasis on moral ways of spending leisure timeHemmingway 1988 pointed out that Aristotle leisure a way of building character and was a way of developing community by participating within the community
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