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University of Waterloo
Recreation and Leisure Studies
REC 205
Roger Mannell

Midterm QuestionThursday May 29 20141112 AM Question 1What does the psychologicization of leisure services mean 2 What does it mean to focus on the experience of leisure 4 How does understanding these ideas change the responsibilities of a professional running a leisure program 4Looking at leisure services from a psychological perspectiveTo look beyond the actual activity and into the intrinsic qualities and outcomes of the service Focus not on the activity but on the actual benefits and what is experienced such as perceived freedom Question 2 What did the Milgram study teach us about obedience and the social nature of conformity 6 Why do you think a video on this study is commonly used to introduce students to social psychology 4 The Milgram study tested the willingness of study participants to obey an authority figure who instructed them to perform acts that conflicted with their personal conscienceIt shows that when felt under power to an authority figure people will act against their own moral code A video of this is used to introduce students to the concept of social psychology because it demonstrates very explicitly the power of authority figures and how easily we conform and obeyIt shows clear emphasis that study participant is acting against their will Question 3Define the social psychology of leisure 2Define and contrast the SR OR and SOR theoretical approaches 6What is the interactionist approach 2 1Social psychology of leisure is2SR StimulusResponse ApproachoSocial situations act as stimuli to elicit a response Behaviourthrough rewardspredictable outcomes oFails to take into account the influence of person3OR OrganismResponse ApproachoPeople demonstrate stable differences in needs motives attitudes and personality regardless of the situationoAssumes consistent behaviour across all situations not the caseoFundamental attribution error4SOR StimulusOrganismResponse ApproachoBoth social situation and person taken into consideration to fully understand behaviouroDifferent people perceiving or construingresponding to same objective situations differently due to different degrees of interaction between personal and situational factors5Interactionist Approach is the consideration of both the person and the situation SOR ApproachoSituationpersoninteraction
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