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University of Waterloo
Recreation and Leisure Studies
REC 205
Brian Orend

REC 205 SPRING 2014TEST 3Practice Test1DEFINE and provide an example for 5 of the 6 shortcuts Ch9 slide 4 to understanding the Science of Persuasion Reciprocity Scarcity Authority Consistency Liking and Consensus 2 marks per shortcutchapter 92Provide the DEFINITION of CONFORMITY presented in class slide 5 4 marks discuss how it relates to wanting TO BE LIKED or TO BE RIGHT 4 marksHow does CONFORMITY relate to SOCIAL COMPARISON 2 marks slide 6chapter 93DESCRIBE what is meant by SOCIALIZATION INTO LEISURE 4 marks and also by SOCIALIZATION THROUGH LEISURE 4 marksGive an example of one of the agents of socialization into leisure and how it had an impact in your own life 2 Marks slides 911chapter 94List the THREE REASONS why race ethnicity and culture are relevant and important for the social psychology of leisure as presented in the lecture 6 MarksExplain one of the reasons in detail explaining why it is an import reason to keep in mind when attempting to understand leisure in North America 4 Marks slides 712chapter 105DEFINE the THREE forms of leisure CONSTRAINTS intrapersonal interpersonal and structural 2 marks presented in class 6 MarksProvide an example of how you think one of these forms of constraint
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