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Recreation and Leisure Studies
REC 280
Stephen Smith

SAMPLE QUESTIONS FOR QUIZ 3 True/False 1. According to your text, the attractions component of the tourism sector is declining in importance. F 2. Ontario has the highest proportion (total number) of recreation and entertainment enterprises of any province. T 3. A “children’s museum” is a museum that focuses on toys, cartoons, fashion, and other aspects of a child’s lifestyle.F 4. Despite being a relatively young country, Canada has thousands of historic sites. T 5. According to your text, eco-tourism often uses local, experienced guides to help visitors recognize the sites they visit. T 6. Casinos are a relatively important source of employment for aboriginal peoples in Canada. F 7. Over 80% of all revenues to recreation and entertainment enterprises come from people engaged in tourism. 8. Hunting plays an important role in maintaining a healthy wildlife population. T 9. A positive impact of tourism on wildlife is that wildlife can become comfortable being around people, learning to accept food from and to be petted by people.F 10. So far, deserts have been spared from the impact of people engaging in outdoor recreation. F 11. Unlike other forms of economic activity, tourism has no significant negative environmental impacts. F 12. Adventure tourism is characterized by an emphasis on observing or studying wildlife. F 13. Sustainable tourism is synonymous with (means the same thing as) eco-tourism. F Multiple Choice 14. “Crown land” refers to a. Land used by members of the royal family when they visit Canada b. Land leased by the federal government to private land owners c. The “jewels” of Canada’s public lands d. Land owned by provincial or federal governments 15. Which of the following best characterizes a “special event”: a. It is a festival that lasts for an entire year b. It is a onetime or infrequent event outside the organizer’s usual activities c. It is anniversary celebrations of significant or special political events d. It is an event held to raise funds for charities or political parties 16. Which types of museums are most likely to be found in small communities? a. Art b. Children’s c. History d. Science 17. According to lecture, the majority of attractions are: a. Heritage b. Recreation c. Entertainment d. Commercial 18. According to your text, which of the f
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