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University of Waterloo
Recreation and Leisure Studies
REC 280
Stephen Smith

QUIZ 4 SAMPLE QUESTIONS True/False A = True B = False 1. The “twin engines” of the travel services industry are travel agencies and tour operators (or wholesalers). T 2. Anyone can operate a travel agency in Ontario as long as he/she has sufficient capital and insurance. F 3. In Canada, tour operators and travel agencies are different types of businesses. T 4. The distinction between a tour wholesaler and a tour operator has become blurred over time. T 5. Travel agencies often charge service fees to their clients because of the loss of commissions paid by airlines. T 6. CTC may mean either the Canadian Tourism Commission or a Certified Travel Counsellor. F 7. Profit margins of travel agencies are small and getting smaller. F 8. Travelocity is known for striving to ensure that all taxes and fees are included in the price you see quoted on their site. T 9. Growth in the use of on-line travel agencies is now slowing. F 10. Hotels increasingly are adding surcharges to room bills for things like shuttle services, use of a pool, and automatic gratuities for housekeeping. T 11. According to your text, the average North American “lunch hour” really is about 60 minutes. T 12. A couple of disadvantages of packaged tours are the lack of freedom of movement and the lack of flexible schedules. T 13. Like other export industries, tourism services sold to international visitors are exempt from the HST. F Multiple Choice 14. Thomas Cook began to offer tours because: a. he took members of his church to a meeting, charging them one price for transportation, lunch, and entertainment, and discovered he could make a profit doing so b. he was dissatisfied with the quality of tours offered by other tour operators c. he had a love of travel and wanted to share it with others d. he felt that members of his church did not know how to make travel arrangements by themselves and could fall prey to unscrupulous travel agents and tour operators 15. A consolidator is: a. another term for a tour guide b. a person who consolidates diverse marketing programs for DMOs c. a person who negotiates commissions for travel agencies d. a wholesaler or intermediary selling discounted air line tickets to travel agencies 16. The evolving role of Canada Customs and Immigration was identified as a problem by your text because: a. tolls at border-crossing points are very expensive b. border-crossing controls are becoming tighter c. the cost of developing customs inspection stations at border-crossings is beco
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