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Canada has one of the largest and most vibrant nonprofit & voluntary sectors in the world, encompassing both service-providing agencies working in health, education, and the social services as well as expressive organizations providing cultural, religious and recreational activities . Imp skill sets for having a nonprofit business = how to write a gov grant and apply for funding: main source of support isn"t charity, its gov grants and tax reboursements. Np sector aka: charitable sector, third sector, civil society sector and community based organizations (although not all np orgs are community-based!!) 5 features: organized, private, np distributing, self-governing and voluntary. Organized: structure and regularity to operations, ex: regular meetings, memberships, procedures for decision making. Institutionally separate from gov (even though they may receive gov funds: even though they receive public and gov funding, org is still private. Self-governing: have their own mechanisms for internal governance, control their own affairs and have own authority.

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