REC280 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Vegetarianism, Hyatt, Breakfast

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Transportation (with infrastructure that supports it): play important role in tourism visitors need to be able to reach their destinations and go from one place to another. Before early 19th century, very little modes of transportations. Invention of steam engine: did not have to be wealthy to travel: automobile: within the financial reach of middle class and with minimum infrastructure. Airline has most impact on global development provides 31. 9 million jobs globally. Major carrier of goods handled . 557 billion usd. Economic and social benefits the industry brings to citizens around the world. Canadian federal government made trans canada airlines (tca now air canada) Canadian transportation act was passed in 1966 it gave cp airways rights to 25% of canada"s domestic air routes. Canada passed nation transportation act in 1987 that replaced the passenger ticket act and. Government railways act: a safe, economic, efficient transportation network was necessary to meet the needs of.

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