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REC280 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Business Travel

Recreation and Leisure Studies
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Stephen Smith
Study Guide

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QUIZ 4 Sample Questions
1. The “twin engines” of the travel services industry are travel agencies and tour
operators (or wholesalers). T
2. A challenge and an opportunity for the cruise industry is that a great majority of
the population has never been on a cruise. T
3. Travel agencies often charge service fees to their clients because of the loss of
commissions paid by airlines. T
4. Incentive travel refers to bonuses paid to travel agents when they sell more
tickets than their monthly target. F
5. Chambers of Commerce are municipal government agencies that often do
tourism marketing. F
6. Hotels increasingly are adding surcharges to room bills for things like shuttle
services, use of a pool, and automatic gratuities for housekeeping. T
7. According to your text, the average North American “lunch hour” really is about
60 minutes. F
8. Despite their name, visitor and convention bureaux do NOT perform the actual
set-up of a convention. T
9. A couple of disadvantage of packaged tours are the lack of freedom of
movement and the lack of flexible schedules are disadvantages of packaged
tours. T
10. In Canada, tour operators and travel agencies are different types of businesses.
11. Like other export industries, tourism services sold to international visitors are
exempt from the GST. F
12. One way Business Improvement Associations may assist with the development
of tourism in a city is by organizing festivals. T
13. Most wholesale travel trade consists of selling package tours. F
Multiple Choice
14. Thomas Cook began to offer tours because:
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