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REC280 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Cirque Du Soleil, Adventure Travel, Sustainable Tourism

Recreation and Leisure Studies
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Stephen Smith
Study Guide

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1. According to your text, the attractions component of the tourism sector is
declining in importance. (F)
2. A “children’s museum” is a museum that focuses on toys, cartoons, fashion, and
other aspects of a child’s lifestyle. (F)
3. Despite being a relatively young country, Canada has thousands of historic sites.
4. According to your text, the focus of eco-tourism is only on learning about and
appreciating the natural environment and not human-built or cultural aspects of
the environment. (T)
5. The concept of an amusement park was first developed and promoted by Walt
Disney. (F) themePark
6. Cirque du Soleil is a world-famous Canadian-based circus. (T)
7. Over 80% of all revenues to recreation and entertainment enterprises come from
people engaged in tourism. (F)
8. Adventure tourism is characterized by an emphasis on observing or studying
wildlife. (F)
9. Sustainable tourism is synonymous with (means the same thing as) eco-tourism.
10. Unlike many countries, much of Canadian wilderness is land owned by the
federal or provincial governments. (T)
11. Based on your text’s descriptions of attractions and events, one concludes there
is no functional difference between them. (F)
12. Large theme parks are largely resistant to economic downturns. (F)
13. Trade shows are normally open to the general public at which businesses feature
new products or services. (F)
Multiple Choice
14.An important difference between a conference and a convention is that:
a. conference attendees usually come from a single industry or occupation
b. conference attendees come from many different backgrounds
c. conferences are larger than conventions
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d. conferences emphasize social events more than conventions
15. According to statistics presented in lecture, the tourism industry whose labour
force is characterized by young, well-educated men, working disproportionately
in small businesses is:
a. attractions
b. events
c. festivals
d. adventure tourism services
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