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earth midterm review.pdf

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Religious Studies
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RS 100
Christine Dupont

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Earth midterm 2 notesSoil and WeatheringRegolith the layer of rock that cover nearly everywhere on the earths land surface blanket rockO horizon organic matterA mainly mineral Finer particles move down to this layerB accumulation zone for fine particlesC slightly altered rockMechanical fragmentation disintegration Chemical alteration decomposition and dissolutionFrost wedging repeated freeze and thaw of water in pores and fracturesUnloading the reduction of confining stress when rocks are brought to surface because of erosion on the top layer fracturing into a skin layerChemical weathering bedrock and internal material is broken down converting some parent material into different minerals water plays a big roleMafic minerals are least resistant to weatheringQuartz most resistantSoil is then where slopes become steeperPorosityVvVtotalVoid ratio VvVsWater content MwMsSaturation VwVvBulkdensity MtotalVtotalUnit weight mtotalgVtotalDry strength try to break with fingers the siltier or sandier the easier to breakKnife Test Cut piece with knife if shiny the clay content is highTeeth test grind small fragment against teeth gritty is a lot of silt smooth is clay particles no siltClay2um 260 um silt 602000 umsand gravel 10 mmClay minerals add to cohesive strength of soilPlasticity ability of soil to undergo unrecoverable deformation at a constant volume without cracking or crumblingStates of Soil Decreasing Water content o Liquid no strength flows o Plastic most common for claysilt dominated soil o Semi solid minor plasticity but solid behavior o Solid cannot be deformed without brittle behaviorLiquid limit upper limit of water content for soil to show plastic behaviorPlastic limit lower limit of water content to show plastic behavior
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