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Religious Studies
RS 110
Peter Frick

RSMODULE 11The Classical Period6611258661 was the date when Ali was assassinated and the Umayyad Dynasty took control1250 the Mongols came and destroyed BaghdadPeriod of development invention spread of IslamMuslim regions were called the Dar alIslam abode of IslamThose where Islam had not been spread were the Dar alHarb abode of warDuring this period Islam spread to North African Coast and even into Southern Spain732 southern FranceAlso to Turkey and the BalkansSpread east and northeast as wellAmazing and rapid spread within these 600 yearsThe Umayyad DynastyFirst Dynasty one of two that ruled over this periodLasted for just under 100 yearsAfter the 4th Caliph Ali was assassinated the Dynasty relocated centre toDamascus in SyriaoMuawiya became the next caliphResponsible for rapid spread of IslamIslamic art and architecture was on the riseoDome of the Rock in Jerusalem built by this dynastySpread of Islam and Rise in art and architecture are characteristics of this DynastyThe Abbasid DynastyBegan in 750 most powerful in Islamic HistoryoIn a very comprehensive way flourishing of Islam happened during this dynastyOver came Umayyad DynastyMoved capital to BaghdadWealthy luxurious powerful enjoyed good life with slaves women wineReligious ideals of Quran were not considered as important in practical waysThis period had an emphasis on scholarshiplibrary was build in BaghdadRediscovery of teachings of Aristotle occurred via Arabic philosophersTranslation of Syriac and Greek philosophical works planto etcProduction of numerous manuscriptsIslam spread throughout the MediterraneanIntellectual centres also established in Spain and EgyptLed to development of Islamic PhilosophyMuslims became familiar with philosophical and religious traditions of the westWhy did it failPolitical disintegration began in 912oThree men in three locations proclaimed themselves CaliphsoThe man who claimed Caliph in Baghdad was the weakest of the 3Enemies from surrounding areasoTurks expanded into Middle East including BaghdadoTook increasing political control of the areaRivalry between Muslims and Christians Jerusalem captured by crusaders in 1099oChristians lost in 1187 to SaladinMongol Invasion in 1258 destroyed Baghdad
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