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Religious Studies
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Peter Frick

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Terminology and SourcesThis is the third major western religionIslam is The Way of SubmissionKey TerminologyIslam root slmmeans submission or surrenderoCan also mean salam peaceoTotal submission to will of God gives inner peace and safetyMuslim slm once againoOne who submits to the will of AllahoInanimate life is muslim by natureoHumans are Muslim by will and obedienceoMuslim must confess faith shahadah in front of 2 muslim witnessesThere is no God except GodMuhammad is the messenger of GodoThere is no worship of Muhammad only GodoYou submit to the will of God as it is revealed to MuhammadQuran Koran are holy scripturesoRecitation speak out loud words of Holy Scriptureo114 Surahs somewhat similar to chapters or books in BibleoMore sections than BibleoWritten in Arabic technically not accurate when translatedSources for the Study of IslamQuaranoLittle biographical information about MuhammadSunnahoTradition about Muhammads life and actionsoCollected orally initiallyHadithoProphetic written often legal traditionoBelieved to be divinely inspiredoSometimes compared to Oral TorahoOrigin in 8th CenturyPreIslamic HistoryPeriod of 1500 years understood as preislamic historyCharacterizes as an age of foolishness or ignorance jahiliyahoNot intellectual foolishness but of spiritual reality and true understanding of the nature of thingsLack of moral and religious consciousnessJudaism and Christianity are part of this ageoThey received revelation from Allah but distorted these revelationsAcknowledges monotheistic roots of all 3 religions but claims to be only fulfillment of revelationIslam is the only one that completes divine selfdisclosure through MohammadAllah is the Creator God means The GodHe was there from the very beginningDuring the time of ignorance He was not understood and worshipped alonePolytheism and animistic worship were rampant
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