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Religious Studies
RS 130
Derek Suderman

Religious Studies for Test 2Textectomy None of these explains the features exhaustively well which is why there are 3 models1Conquest Joshua2Infiltration immigration model judges3Revolt Model Social scientific attemptHerem The ban annihilate them utterly destroy put to the sword Being separated DO NOT TAKE GOODS The Israelites go and take stuff Joshua 7 Stoned if you break it Not separate between Israelites and others Story of Jericho 5137 is the REAL Whole story of Jericho They go into a prostitutes house giving yourself to other Gods Rehab represents and outsider who becomes an ultimate insider Achan is the opposite Not cut and dryScan textbook for geography Right by mediteranian sea is a huge section of plains that head to the sea and by the hills and lakes is more hilly Philistines were in the plains because of chariots Joshua 61 not the beginning of the battle because it uses participles continuation words 5 vs 12 Joshua and Jesus are the same name Judges A slippery slope People stop following God and they start losing their battles 12 The word Judge means leader usually military leader People who are lifted up to lead armies Judges were temporary which is why they wanted a king Judges were tribal leaders for a certain area for a certain time They wanted this systematized Gideon timid quiet like moses does not want to do as hes told Scared32 000 people God wants some to leave so they dont think they won on their own Scared go home 22 000 go home 10k remain Then those who lie down to drink the water are gotten rid of 300 lapped so the others go home In general it is most likely that the 300 stupid people got chosen 2025 20 wall 21 the sword 22 23 24 Rehab 24 BurningCompare and contrast Joshua and judges slide explains the 3 theories thing PSALMSPsalms Prayers generally said out loud The speeches target different audiences sometimes God sometimes people Typegenre setting in life LamentEnemies and sickHawk bears etc for enemies Psalmist Person speaking in a psalmHallelujah Praise the lordJah short for YWHSoloman Law judicial baby trees plants literature music wealth dcor fashion builds a temple house his burnt offerings religious practice Solomon kills off his brothers and all the other heirs to the throne Takes many wives horses and money although the law in Deuteronomy says not to yet in Chapter 3 God promises Soloman When soloman dies the North and the South split because the North was like Screw Soloman he takes all our stuff and the south is faithfulWISDOM BOOKSWisdom Understandable beyond people groups countries etc Household is typical wisdom language valets servants WisdomParticularity Wisdom and folly both cry out which will you followProverbs Characteristic of oral culture too many cooks spoil the broth Wisdom Books Ecclesiastes Job proverbs None are narrative none speak of Israelites coming out of Egypt Particularity It doesnt matter if the pilot doctor is a Jew Christian etc it only matters if they can have the skills Genesis is unimportant in biology Hokomah A woman who is wisdom crying calling out Proverbs 2030 Ambiguous to serve a point my child my child wisdom talking chapter 8 as wellProverbs 17 728
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