RS110 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Pelagianism, Satisfaction Theory Of Atonement, Mary Carpenter

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Thomas aquinas summa theologica (wrote this book) he was known as the doctor . Aristotelian theologian, theology is a scientific argument, first philosopher to look for god, synthesis of philosophy (reason) and theology (revelation) unity of truth, the five ways of. Everything in existence has a specific place/purpose in the overall scheme of creation. Christian mystics emotions, experience, feelings (all 3 religions had developed mystic traditions at the same time) Meister eckhart: he was a dominican (seeking clarification in terms of the doctrine) as a mystic, you forfeit your own individuality and by doing this, you gain reality of god. You do this by negating yourself in poverty, silence and contemplation. Hildehard of bingen: she was a nun, gifted in writing music poetry and consulted by politicians, had heavenly visions seeing an aspect of god, wrote know the ways of god (scivias)

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