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University of Waterloo
SCI 255
Julia Roberts

SCI 255 Assignment 2B1Distinguish between the following terms Acute and Chronic DiseasesAcute Short term symptoms that have a limited duration unlike chronic which develops in a longer period of timeCan be curedtreated however if not treated it could result in death Bacterial or viralSymptoms change or worsen rapidly accelerated decline in health that is faster than chronic Eg Heart attacksChronic Develops over a long time period progressively worsenCannot be cured but can be postponed by eliminating risk factorsDirectlyindirectly result in deathLoss of organ function at an accelerated rate similar to aging eg arteriosclerosis that may lead to an acute disease such as heart attacks2Distinguish between the following terms HDL and LDLHDL high density lipoproteinIt takes cholesterol from blood to the liver and breaks it downIt is considered a good protein because it takes the cholesterol that stick to artery walls from LDL and deposits it in to the liver to break downIt is composed about 30 of cholesterol LDL Low density lipoproteinTransfers cholesterol in blood for other cells to useWhen there is an excess of cholesterol it deposits it in arteries and such it is considered as a bad proteinIt is composed about 50 of cholesterol3Briefly LIST 5 characteristics that would be used to distinguish normal age changes from those of diseases How is senescence distinguished from agingAging
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