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Social Development Studies
SDS 131R
Theresa Romkey

Part One: Multiple Choice Conservatism Feminism Pacifism Anarchism Religious Fundamentalism Part Two: Definitions Conventionalism: Conservatism; practices that involve slowly mutual interest; what is good for you is good for me Organic view of society: conservatism; Individuals are connected and interdependent Atomistic view of society: Conservatism; consists of individuals who are independent of others Real rights (Burke): Conservatism; rights rooted in convention or established practice Metaphysical rights: Anarchism; rights thought up or imagined; burke called pretended rights Blue Tory: Conservatism; More economically right wing conservative heavily influenced by neoliberalism Red Tory: conservatism; more aligned with British tradition and generally more focused on social issues Justice as artificial: don't do good things because we worry about humanity or because we are good people but because it’s in our common best interest Social fabric argument; conservatism: Society of made up of individual strands that make up the society; if we pull a strand too fast then society would fall apart; conservatives don’t want things in society to happen too fast. Burke Inter sexed: variety of conditions in which a person is born with reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn’t seem to fit the typical definitions of male and female Androgynous: Having characteristics of both male and female 'Doing gender': You don't just have a gender role it is what you “do” constructed thru daily activities and interactions with each other 'Housewife fatigue': Feminism; Betty Ferdan; The malaise (tiredness) coming from rigid gender roles Equity: recognizes difference -Bathroom example; recognizing that men and women have different needs so giving women more stalls then men because they need them Equality: Sameness; -Bathroom example: giving 10 stalls to men and women so that they are equal Employment equity program: proactive employment practices to increase the representation of designated groups Dual-systems theory: Socialist/Feminism; the intersection of capitalism and patriarchy; two systems working together Patriarchy: Radical Feminism; System in which men dominate both women Interlocking systems of oppression: Anti race feminists; How various forms of oppression work together; they interlock Conscientious objectors: Pacifism: Refusal to bear arms or refusal to serve military linked to religious beliefs Non-violence civil disobedience: non-violent resistance in the law, refusal to pay taxes; Thoreau Satyagraha: opposition to violence in action, thought and speech Passive resistance: Resistance by non-violence methods to a government or specific laws; refusing to comply; protests; fasts; Gandhi started with it but stopped it because he didn’t agree with how it made others violent Prescriptive technologies: (Pacifism) Prescriptive technologies, cog in the machine, prompts cultural compliance 'Destruction of silence': Ursala Franklin Pacifism: Lack of silent contemplation; we can’t enjoy silence anymore; we don't have the option to be silence as it is destroyed (elevator, grocery Individual anarchism: Anarchism: emphasize negative liberty and opposition of state control over the individual Social anarchism: emphasizes positive liberty and recognizes equality of the entitlement and more collectivist Diggers: Communist farmers; took over common lands for communal use Levelers: Individual Anarchists who desired equality, suffrage and religious tolerance are these were natural rights given by god, but who wanted a secular gov't Free love: Anarchism: social movement that rejects marriage and idea is freedom of
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