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Social Development Studies
SDS 150R
Peter Hymmen

+ SDS 150R Test 3 Short Answer Topics Early adulthood Reason(s) for being the most challenging period of life MOVE INTO HAVING THREE DIFFERENT ROLE -Worker: starting at the bottom of the ladder -Partner: starting serious romantic relationship -Parent: adjust to parenting Biological clock & social clock -biological clock starts low and gets higher as one ages -Social clock starts high and decreases with age Identity statuses and determining factors (Marcia) IDENTITY STATUS -Identity Diffusion -Foreclosure -Moratorium -Identity achievement DETERMINING FACTORS -Degree of crisis -Degree of commitment Theories of mate selection Middle adulthood Key changes in middle adulthood -Biological clock gets louder -Social clock gets quieter -Redefinition of identity -Higher risk of major diseases -More exists from roles -Individualization Midlife crisis involves… (definition) -Shift in time perspective -Inevitability of death -Looking at gap of what they thought their life would be like and how things actually turned out -Sense of urgency to narrow the gap Three questions/answers about midlife crisis/transition (Bee) -Do adults experience a life transition? -Are the issues of this transition common to all adults? -Do most experience this transition as a crisis? Late adulthood Two periods (Neugarten) and key changes during each period Young-old (65-74) -Physical changes -Rapid decrease in role demands -Gender role cross over -Little difference from middle adulthood other than retirement Old-Old(75+) -Physical and mental aging accelerates -Disengagement -Life space shrinks -Variability is greatest Theories of life satisfaction Components of Life S
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