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Social Work (Social Development Studies)
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Joel Majonis

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SOCWK120RIntroduction 20140115 1028 PM IntroductionHumans thrive off of stressHumans need to be helped to take on challenges and stress up to a point after which it could be dysfunctionalCaritascaring compassion selfsacrifice central important value to Christianity interaction and talks about how people achieve salvation and communion between two persons Purified character o Purposeful love shared between peoplesocial situation where people shared and communicated in charitable ways o Interaction between person and Christ and charitable actions between person and person and how people changeOther values created from caritas o Acceptance o Cooperation o Differentiation o ConfidentialitySocial work has become very factual o Which interventions work with different clients o All the facts will not tell what one should do o There needs to be values which say what is preferred and what is important o Facts only tell you whatwhy you should do it Every social worker has to be of value and a good human being You need to respond in a caring moral and differentiated way no matter what anybody does to you even if it is wrong and immoralprofessional person o All professionals come from values held by rabbis priests Each profession have their own special set of values which all include caritas o Whats best for the client is a moral knowledgeable skillful practitionero Marie Richmanfounder of social workSocial work philosophy and social work knowledgeIf you are a social worker you have to engage in a discussion with yourself and then with the client In working with clients we need to change the thought patterns and cognitions and behaviors their sense of time feelings of guilt Appropriate guilt is the cutting edge of civilizationo Change their values to value themselves and others as valuable teaching married couples how to step beyond their own egocentric patterns and begin to see the person who is their significant other o Give one another what they need to become a whole individual person Fine tune their interventions and focus with the client on their dysfunctional ways of thinking and finetune with them how they are going to be a better person o It is what we dont see that will undermine us KnowledgeKnowledge which is factual is different from valueWorld today is amoralSocial work as a professionthey need to affirm things Ideas may not be able to be verified but it can be because social workers have seen that selfdetermination acceptance social welfare are important and have affirmed this knowledgeSocial work is changingEvidence based practiceSocial SystemsDysfunctional and functional systemsFunctionalintimate fall in love differentiated as human beings productive they growmake things develop businesses build houses creative and generative and Happycontentment between human beingsDysfunctionalunhappy lockdown rigid system with very little energy2 Different Social Work MethodsWhen developed in 1920s concept of caring was seeing as caring which took place in different ways within each social systemCaring in a group was different from caring in a communitySelfcare that individuals had is differentDistinctive social systems with distinctive interventionsWorking with individualsWorking with groupsWorking with communitiesSocial case work community organization family social case work1970sWeen Reed talked about social problems Social situation began to pass away 1990sInterest in social problems and became extremely behavioral to the empirical practice movementevidence based practice where condition and behavior is MEASURED o More specific exact specificWhat are the problems what general interventions are used how do social workers behave what do they accomplish Hypothesis makes a predictionThing A may have an impact on Thing B but Thing B can also influence Thing A o Interactions between variables and variables changePeople change attitudes which in turn changes social interactions o When husbands and wives fight and fall out of love with one another they pull back emotionally and change their interactions which leads to further changes in attitudesFeelings can be a blessing or a curse o If people allow their feelings to get out of control it can hurt them Learn to control negative emotions and manage conflicts Keep things on a problem solving loving basis o Most functional couples have a high rate of rewarding interactionssharing intimacies and kindness which changes their attitudes with one anotherIf we look at a depression situation as members of the family fight with each other there are winners and losers The losers end up changing their cognitions to become much more negative If fighting continues and losses occurs by building up negative cognition they say to themselves they are no goodbecome depressed
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