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SOC 101: Sample Questions needed to know for Exam

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SOC 101
Sara Cumming

Sample Questions 1How is social class reproduced Social class is reproduced and maintained through generations because it is based on both birth and achievements in lifeSince people tend to be born into class structure ones social class tends to be inherited from their parents and carried on to their children 1 Ascribed status status based on attributes ascribed at birth is a closed system and cannot be changed an example is the caste systemIf you were born into a high caste you were of a high social class and will be advantaged your entire life on the other hand if you were born into a low caste you would be disadvantaged your entire life since there is no social mobility 2 Those that are born into high social classes generally have a much easier time obtaining property prestige and power compared to those who may be more capable but belong to a lower social classThis is because those that have power and wealth to begin with have better access to education and other resources whereas those of low social class do not have that luxury instead they have to work a lot harder to move their way up in class 3 Those born into high social classes have overall better life chances than those in lower classes because they have better access to resources food shelter health care and other social institutionsTherefore upper class are more likely to survive and succeed in the world while lower classes continue to struggle it is an endless cycle that cannot be broken 4 Each generation acquires cultural capital tastes habits skills knowledge that are required to become members of particular social classes2What do sociologists mean when we discuss the social construction of things such as gender sexuality raceHow is it accomplished When things such as gender sexuality and race are socially constructed it means that we as individuals and as a society associate certain things and meanings to themFor example when referring to the social construction of gender society tells us what it means to be a man and a womanThrough all different social institutions media education family peers we are taught hegemonic masculinity and emphasized femininityWe are socialized since birth getting everything in blue when we are a boy and pink if we are a girl through childrearing practices girls do indoor chores guys do outdoor chores at school through the hidden curriculum guys are praised for intellectual achievement whereas girls are praised for neatness and through media what our bodies should look like how we should act etc
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