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SOC 101
Barry Mc Clinchey

Sociological theory chapter 1Introduction Why TheoryAntonio Gramsci believed that everyone is a social theoristWe already use our intellects to explain how society worksThe nature of Social LifeMany social want specifically to understand the takenforgranted nature of social lifeWhy it is so often unthinkingly orderly routine and generally predictableThe Sociological ImaginationMills John Stewart Mill ideas were ignored for some time in mainstream sociologyHe believed that we must address social problems by linking an individuals personal troubles with the way society is organized and structuredMills also suggested that the discipline of sociology should understand an individuals private troubles as rooted in widespread public issuesWhen we do so we exhibit The sociological imaginationThe birth of Sociology in the Age of RevolutionthSociology was developed in the 19 century by European scholars who were aware that their world was changing rapidly and fundamentallyWhat was new when sociology was invented about two centuries ago was the idea that society could be studied scientificallyThe enlightenment encouraged the use of reason to understand the worldAuguste Comte 17981857Coined the term sociology The application of science to understand the social worldHe believed that sociologists should attempt to discover natural social laws of human existenceComte believed that social thinking passed through three stages1The assumption that the world was run by supernatural powerful gods2The idea that nature replaced the belief in a miraculous god3The application of science to understand the social world PositivismthThroughout most of the 19 century sociological thinking involved the search for lowlike certainties that could explain social lifeFollowing Comte this approach became known as positivism
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