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Review notes for Soc 101 Exam including all the material covered for the first and part of the second test

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SOC 101
Barry Mc Clinchey

Sociology Notes Lecture 1 12112011 24400 PM Sociology systematic study of human groups and their interactions Sociological perspective a view of society based on the dynamic relationships between individuals and the larger social network in which we all live Charles Wright Mills Quality of mind Mills term for the ability to view personal circumstance within a social context Sociological imagination CW Mills term for the ability to perceive how dynamic social forces influence individual livesPeter Berger Seeing the general in the particular ability to look at unique events or circumstances and recognize the larger features involved For example a street person asking for spare chancea particular incident that occurred at a specific time sociologists understand that seeing one homeless person means that there are many that we dont see To appreciate an individual circumstance and broaden your perspective to the larger social patternsSeeing the strange in the familiar asking questions that suggest that someone is looking at what appears normal and familiar and seeing it as peculiar and strange Sociological imagination Our perspective of ourselves and others are the product of many factors including Minority status Those who are part of a visible minority group or a mental disability gay lesbian bisexual face various forms of discriminationGender Society treats men and women differently full time working men earn more than full time working females Socio economic status combination of variables to position or score people on criteria such as income level level of education achieved occupation and area of residence Ascribed status attributes assigned at birth Achieved status attributes developed throughout life as a result of effort and skillFamily structure Female lone parent families vs Two parent families
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