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SOC229 Final Exam Review

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SOC 229
Adam Stewart

SOC 229PRISON RIOTSRelatively patterned similarities Fairly predictable DEFINITION Disturbancecases in which inmates rise up and destroy prison property and carry on but dont take hostages No guard hostages taken over quickly Couple of hoursRiotsget a lot of news coverage Disturbances in which there is a large section of the prison riot and they take guards hostages Usually involves large portion of inmate population Last a few days Beginningfairly chaotic inmates are able to break down certain barriers and release fellow inmates Happens quickly Move out of cell block into other area and begin spree of destruction Run scream yell self preservation weaponry look for friends to get security in numbers Small portion take part in destruction of property 90 tend to be passive Fear violence dont want property destroyed legal trouble Small number control mass Fires are the most dangerous Personal safety is major concern Riot is unplanned and opportunistic Most riots end without any harm to hostages as long as government does not use force Give inmate opportunity to escapeusually hostages are let free and inmates dip Dont use force bc can harm inmates usually guards harm inmates It is tempting bc not negotiating can seem assertive Develop system where inmates can talk to authorities INMATE UNDESIRABLESPeople that are normally killed during prison riots Child molesters and informants Normally trapped and beaten and tortured Normally protected by guards but are now at mercy of inmates during riot Undesirables can be referred to as hostages dont want to be there trapped POWDER KEG THEORY Powder Keg is a type of explosive powder stuff that was in canon contained in a keg Prisons are thought to be explosive types of institutions Low impulse control dangerous angry people Plus youre taking away their rights giving them indignities oppressing them Volatile situation any sort of spark prison riot could blow it all upThere technically should be more riots because of how volatile the conditions of prisons Powder Keg is an argument of necessary conditions angry people angry for a reason bc of oppressive conditionshappy people dont riot Incorporated in other theoriesROBERT MERTONANOMIE GOALS AND LEGITIMATE MEANS
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