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SOC 325
Lindsay Van Wyck

SEXUALITY AND THE LAW EXAM WEEK 7 LECTURE Human Trafficking and Commercial sex Definitions common elements the recruitment transportation harbouring andor exercising control over a person for the purpose of exploitation all definitions include the condition that the actions are taken for the purpose of sexual exploitation or forced labour UN definition includes ways that control can be exercised over the victimCanada govnt definition often described as a form of slavery RCMP distinguishes between domestic human trafficking and international human trafficking domestic refers to any victim of trafficking who is trafficked within Canada regardless of the victims citizenship status international any trafficking done over international bordershuman trafficking vs sex trafficking sex is an aspect of human trafficking human trafficking vs human SMUGGLING relationship ends once smuggled person is on the countryProcess of trafficking recruitment vulnerable populations girls women immigrants protected children those who have moved away from rural to urban cities young women victims approached in a variety of ways money affection adventure direct contact with the victim contact with victims family or relativesscouts in different countries posing as a sponsor or love interest internet misleading ads promising jobs in different cities countries kidnapping extortion abuse control enslavement techniques debt bondage victim told she has to work off the cost of her travels to get her where she is food clothing shelter isolation confiscation all visas passports IDs etc taken upon arrival so they cant leave or run away or go to authoritiesin Canada they have to prove they were trafficked which is hard without a valid visa or proof of one or ID violence shame threat of deportationDemand for trafficked womenchildren prostitution and trafficking should not be separated to eliminate trafficking measures to address prostitution should be put in place from readings demand the desire to possess something with the ability to purchase it customer is the root cause of trafficking and exploitation usually male customers creating demand for womenchildren UN protocol calls on countries to put legislative measures in place to lessen the demandthere is a reluctance to target the gender formal control law should penalize men who buy sex and not the womendemand is not the ONLY cause but it is the MAJOR cause other causes economic policies globalization countries in political crisis high women populations negatively impacts women Who are the Consumers all ages 1590 all races nationalities etcyouth usually use street prostitutes as opposed to an escort business people like the company of prostitutes if they are lonely sexually unappealing etcfathers will bring their sons to prostitutes to get practice for sex usually married education varies from illiterate to PhDs professionals working class prominent community members police officers who agree not to persecute women if they performUS military bases will pay higher price for sex without a condomMyths about Buyersharmless fun sexual frustration protects good women tension release evolutionary need educationalseparation protection against STDs earning a living victims themselvesGlobal Prevalence Difficult to determine actual number as not all cases are known or reported to authorities Europe over 140000 victims trapped in sexual exploitation and up to 1 in 7 workers in the region may have been brought into prostitution through trafficking 23 of the worlds human trafficking victims are women
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