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Sexuality and the Law Textbook Notes For Test #2

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SOC 325
Jennifer Schulenberg

CH. 4 – Nuisance Sex Behaviors ­ sexual acts that cause no obvious physical harm to the practitioner or the victim is nuisance sex behavior o nuisance behaviors are often viewed as less serious fashion than sex crimes o can lead into progressing into more serious crimes Scoptophilia (voyeurism) ­ sexual arousal by looking at private or intimate scenes Pictophilia- sexual satisfaction from erotic pictures of nude paintings and drawings Acrophilia- sexual arousal from height or high altitudes ­ voyeurs are sexually immature and frustrated ­ they often deny they are offenders, have poor relationships w/ father, have had overprotective mothers, experienced early sexual trauma, invoke religious justification, lack sexual and social skills, low self esteem and high self-criticism ­ feelings of inadequacy and inferiority, young as 20s ­ most do not have serious criminal records ­ studied two groups of offenders: one was treated in group therapy and the other was treated individually o group sample adjusted better and individual therapy was not as successful Prostitution ­ most visible type is the streetwalker o selects clients from the people who encounter the person on curbs and street corners o most dangerous jobs of prostitution o they do little screening of clients which leads to injuries ­ others work at strip bars and clubs o could be forced to work as a prostitution when an exotic dancer o some bars have room reserved for prostitute dates so the sexual encounters are done at a place of employment ­ professional call girls who cater to a small but usually professional clientele o operate out of nicer hotels and demand higher fee ­ some operate from massage parlors and small nude encounter group sessions Issues in the Etiology of the Prostitute ­ abuse, emotional sexual or physical plays a role in the etiology of a male prostitute ­ many prostitutes come from homes of sexual abuse, particularly incest ­ woman receive a higher pay than woman in prostitution Triolism ­ another form of scoptophilia ­ erotic stimulation is gained by watching oneself or oneself with others in sexual scenes ­ some may photograph themselves in sexual acts ­ swingers often termed triolists, but also are candaulism o a man exposes his partner or pictures of her to other o swingers move often in the past 5 years, relatively new to the community, middle class, conservative in their political views, identified little with religion, belonged to more community groups than nonswingers ­ two types of swingers: open and closed o open swingers join national and local swinging clubs and have a wide range of sexual partners o closed swingers have sexual experience with only a few people, usually personal acquaintances ­ swingers fear that their children, family, employers will find out, fear of disease and intimacy Exhibitionism ­ exposure of one’s genitals under inappropriate circumstances ­ typically male exposing himself to females in public places like the park, bus stops, etc ­ young and start their episodes when they are in their teens ­ one theory is that the act of exposure followed by masturbation reduces stress ­ another theory is that a female has somehow damaged the exhibitionist sand he is lashing out against all women in the hope that his psyche can be restored ­ another one is that the exhibitionists suffer from extreme feelings of personal inadequacy and a low sense of masculinity and needs affirmation to reinforce these feelings ­ their intent is to shock and degrade the viewers, by shocking them, he reinforces the sense of power he needs for personal fulfillment 1 ­ after exposing himself, he will go to a private place to masturbate ­ the reaction of the victim is important to him, if the victim is scared, he will feel sexual excitement ­ rare for him to have a direct physical relationship with someone he exposed himself to ­ if a victim responds in a sexual manner, he will typically be wildered b/c the victim is not behaving in an appropriate way, then he will likely run away ­ psychotherapy seems to work for younger ones, also true rehabitation can only occur with long term incarceration and treatment using a cognitive behavioral treatment plan o therapist must be aware that they have personal issues of trust, shame and need for immediate gratification Transvestitism ­ heterosexual male, often married, dresses in clothes of other sex b/c of sexual reasons ­ cross dress to reduce stress, may believe that the world of female is a less stressful one o woman not faced with the same set of societal pressures ­ many start it at a young age and accompany it by masturbating ­ transsexual person has gender personality identity problems o biological one gender, psychological the other Infantilism ­ some adults like to engage in sexual play activity where they pretend to be helpless infants o might wear diapers and drink milk from a baby bottle o sometimes the female will allow sucking on the breasts while pouring milk onto the breast to simulate lactation o some will even pee or poo in the diaper and have their partner change it o this could be done for stress reduction Scatophilia ­ The acts are more aggressive and more distance than in exhibitionism ­ Erotic gratification is gained from the narrations that transpire between the caller and the victim rather than from any form of genial sex ­ Typically male, feel inadequate, have problems developing relationships, feelings of isolation, perceive their father as supermen and feel that their mothers never loved them ­ Making phone calls is the only way they can express themselves sexually ­ Imagery and fantasy plays a large role; the caller hers the victim but does not see her ­ Some may cross dress to increase the sexual excitement ­ He wants his victims to be shocked and horrified by his words, he depends on this reaction for arousal ­ Five type of callers: obscene, anonymous, humorous, witty and miscellaneous o Obscene makes his call from dialing random numbers, they barely make person contact with persons they call ­ Three other types: o Chronic caller who is open about his reasons for calling (sexual) o The caller who begins with a believable sexual problem but then becomes graphic or vulgar o Sexually abusive caller who describes in a cold manner how he raped his victims Frottage ­ realizes sexual gratification from rubbing against certain body parts of another person ­ victim is in a crowded pubic place ­ they experience fantasies that are accompanied by strong urges to touch others o often fantasizing that the victim wishes to have a caring affectionate relationship with the frotteur ­ also called toucherism ­ process of offender includes an escape plan ­ the victim is viewed as sexual attractive, wearing tight clothes o he rubs his genitals against their thighs or guts, or touches her genitalia or breasts ­ starts their behavior by adolescence, most of the acts occur at 15-25 ­ only in male, often intelligent, middle-upper class ­ often have other types of paraphilias Klismaphilia ­ receiving an enema, either in fantasy or in actuality ­ how they become involved in this is unknown ­ males are excited by klismaphilia and experience erections when administered enemas as youths ­ woman also practice this behavior ad use it as a masturbatory device 2 o substitute for genitals ­ they can live a normal life with no one suspecting ­ receiving sexual arousal from introducing liquids into the rectum and colon via the anus Bestiality ­ common sexual theme found in porn, or sex with animals ­ occurs in either sex ­ another form of bestiality is formicophilia, arousal comes from small creatures like arts, snails, etc crawling up their nipples or genitals ­ zoophilia is different b/c it includes no sexual contact with the animal o contact takes form of stroking or fondling only ­ most common animals are calves, sheep, dogs, cats, geese and hens Pygmalionism ­ sexual attraction to a statute, doll or mannequin ­ may be persons who are unable to relate personally and sexually to other human beings ­ they have power an control over inanimate object and the object can’t reject them Gerontophilia ­ the use of elderly person as a sexual object ­ not easy to detect b/c of cultural influences on mate selection ­ when a young man assaults an elder woman it is sadistic gerontosexuality o this type of offender has an obsessive personality, history of enuresis until age of 25, lack of interest in younger women, inability to contain impulses, tendency to be violent sexually o they feel a need for power and intend to do physical damage ­ very rare, but when it occurs, it becomes dangerous Coprolagnia and Coprophilia in filth ­ mysophilia is also found in forms of these two ­ erotic gratification associated with feces and urine ­ practice of urolagnia taking place by one person urinating into the mouth or body of another person ­ also called golden showers ­ can be dangerous to the health of the practitioner ­ drinking urine is not as bad as eating poo b/c of the bacteria it contains CH. 5 – Incest ­ most frequent one is between the father and daughter o father often to be immature and low self esteem, high expectations for the child he has selected for sexual abuse ­ one common motivational factor is
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