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SOCWK120R Study Guide - Final Guide: Medicine Wheel, Structural Level


Social Work (Social Development Studies)
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Obe Funke
Study Guide

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What is the difference between individual level and structural level practice
theories in social work? Why is each type important?
Name five theories in each category
What is a theory
Name five fields that have influenced social work
What are some roles members take on in groups
Describe the historical origins of social work in Canada
Name the components of the medicine wheel
What is praxis
Name three goals social workers can achieve in their work with clients
What are the six core values of the social work profession
What body regulates social work practice in Cnada
What is the role of theory
Wjhat are teh features of women centered approach to community development
How does a worker decide on a theory
What are the stages of group development?
What was the risk management era, how is it different from today’s ethical
What are some strengths and limitations the code of ethicw
How does a worker resolve ethical dilemmas
Are indigenous ethics different from mainstream ethics
What did Alinsky model emphasize
Name types of social work research and what they are useful for
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