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University of Waterloo
Software Engineering
SE 101
Edgar Mateos

Principles of Software Engineering Quiz 1 Notes Policy 71 Principles o Academic Academic freedom is protected and carries with it the duty to use that freedom in a responsible and ethical way Does not extend to disruption of other students, faculty, or staff members Academic integrity is a commitment to: 1. Honesty 2. Trust 3. Fairness 4. Respect 5. Responsibility Applies to all academic endeavours Responsible for demonstrating behavior that is honest and ethical in their academic work Abide by University policies and provincial/federal legislation Follow instructors expectations for referencing information Submitting original work, citing sources fully, and respecting authorship Preventing work from being used by others Asking for clarification of expectations as necessary Adhering to principles of academic integrity when conducting/reporting research o Non-Academic Students are individually responsible for their actions whether acting alone or in a group Appropriate behaviour includes: Respecting the rights and property of others Allowing for peaceful and safe enjoyment of University campus/facilities Abiding by University policies, municipal bylaws, and provincial/federal legislation o Procedural Fairness Each student is entitled to: Presumption of innocence until contrary is established Be made aware of the case against him/her Have matters addressed fairly and expediously Be accompanied by a support person to any meeting with administrators and to any hearing Have matters heard by those who are not sitting in judgment of their own actions or decisions Know, respond, and seek clarification of evidence presented by witnesses Decisions based on the balance of probabilities with consideration given to consistency and University precedent Offences o Any member of the University who has reason to believe that an academic offence has been committed by a student has a responsibility to report the matter promptly to the instructor/associate dean TA shall report to both the instructor & appropriate associate dean Associate dean will investigate and render a decision or refer matter to appropriate authority o Any member of the University who has reason to believe that a non-academic offence has been committed by a student has the responsibility to report the matter promptly to the associate dean of the students home faculty or to UW Police o NO DEGREE, DIPLOMA, OR CERTIFICATE shall be awarded and you CANNOT WITHDRAW from a course in which an offence is alleged to have been committed o Offences include, but are not limited to Academic Cheating Plagiarism Unauthorized co-operation/collaboration Unauthorized aids Unauthorized resubmission of work Violation of examination regulations Impersonating another student Obtaining/Distributing/Receiving confidential academic material Theft of intellectual property Academic/admission fraud Altering/Falsifying/Witholding relevant document Misrepresentation Obstruction/Interference Misconduct in research Contravention of statute Non-Academic Disruptive/Dangerous/Aggressive/Threatening behaviour Misuse of University resources/equipment/supplies Mischief Vandalism Theft Infringing unreasonably on the work of others Violation of instructors communicated rules o I.E. Prohibition of recording lecture Violation of safety regulations in lab Unauthorized use of equipment/material/facility/service Unethical behaviour Contravention of statute Penalties o At conclusion of investigation, student will be given at least one of the following: Letter of reprimand Situation warrants Other o Penalties are not in force while an appeal is being decided o Student may not graduate while under suspension o Other penalties Academic Disciplinary probation Grade penalty on assignment/test/exam/course Failed work term Extra academic work Removal of privileges Additional courses Community service Suspension Expulsion Revocation of degree/diploma/certificate/standing/ credit Restitution Fine Eviction from residence Ban from University facility/campus Removal of privileges Reporting o University Committee on Student Appeals will report cases annually to Senate o Discipline decision will be retained in compliance with Universitys records retention schedule Appeal o Appealable provided ground for appeal can be established o Must deliver Notice of Appeal within 10 days of decision Making Sense (Chapters 1-5) Writing and Thinking Decision o What is the purpose of this? o Who is going to read it? Purpose o Primary purpose will differ from one type of writing to the next o Secondary purpose will be consistent: Confirm and demonstrate understanding The reader o Primary reader Expected to be knowledgeable about the subject o Secondary reader May require special explanation Research question o Somewhere between Statement of Purpose and Thesis Statement o Controlling idea for research o Use question-and-answer structure to provide focal point for you and eventual reader Structure o Technical report is very common application of scientific method o Contains: Statement Specifics Summary o Each point can be organized by TIME or PRIORITY o Traditional models Process (time order) Cause/Effect (time order) Description (space order) Classification (space order) Comparison (space order) Contrast (space order) Problem/Solution (time order) Format Length Tone o Be careful of: Colloquial language or slang Short forms and abbreviations Contractions Point form Personal pronouns
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