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STAT 202
Riley Metzger

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Stats 202 Notes Aaron TaiLecture 1Types of Data o Qualitativedescriptive categorical 2 subtypesDiscretefinite countable integer value does not change ycups coffee you drank todayContinuousconstantly changing values hard to be exact y Height weight measurements o QuantitativenumericalOrdinalmeaningful rank ordered y SizesSmall medium largeNot ordinalno meaningful rank y Colour organizationred green blueRaw dataactual observationsDataset Characteristics o Centrelocation o Spreadhow muchvaried o Shapeof distribution o Look for overall pattern trend strange behavior Lecture 2Analysis methodsgraphical numericalSymmetric distributiondata looks identical if sliced in halfSpreadhow separated data is o Rangeeasiest measure of spread to obtain highestlowest value o Variancemeasure of square deviation about meanIf equal 0 then all values are sameHighest possible is infinity lowest possible is 0 no negativeShapeappearance of data o Skewed to leftlong left tail o Skewed to rightlong right tail o Bimodalmultiple modes o Symmetricbell curve Centre3 measureso Meanbalancing point of distribution average o Median middle value sometimes exists sometimes doesnt to find medium of even number values find mean of 2 middle valuesFor oddn12ordered observationFor even n2n1 2 thnd Also known as 50 percentile 2 quartile o Modemost popular useless peak value 1
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