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STAT 231
Matthias Schonlau

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Assignment 3 STAT 231 Notes: (i) For Q4 ----Part (iii), the alternative hypothesis is two-sided. (ii) For Q5, we use the Maximum Likelihood method even though the sample size is small. 4) (2+2+3=7points) The following table gives the number of staff hours per month lost due to accidents in eight factories of similar size over a period of one year and after the introduction of an industrial safety program. Factory i 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 After: a i 28.7 62.2 28.9 0.0 93.5 49.6 86.3 40.2 Before: b 48.5 79.2 25.3 19.7 130. 9 57.6 88.8 62.1 i Difference: y i a ib i -19.8 -17.0 3.6 -19.7 -37.4 -8.0 -2.5 -21.9 Therefore there is a natural pairing of the data by factory. Factories with the best safety records before the safety program tend to have the best records after the safety program as well. The analysis of the data must take this pairing into account. Therefore the model assumed for analyzing these data is: Yi= µ+ R iwhereR i G(0,σ), where µ and σare i =1,2,...12 unknown parameters. ▯▯▯ Explain what the parameters µ and σr
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