Lecture notes for material after the first quiz. Class of Janruary 25 to February 1. This does not include information on given slides, only extra information mentioned in class.

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University of Waterloo
Studies in Islam       
SI 121R
Idrisa Pandit

rdJanuary 23 2012 Quran Word of God revelation23 years to makeIntended to all timeOral writtenIt has various themes Creationheavenhellone third talks about stories of the prophetIts written in Arabic and anything else is a translationMuch is lost in the translation of the QuranthJanuary 25 2012Polygamy the rule to marry more than one then thats committing injustice It is hated in IslamIt is only allowed to marry the mothers orphans to save the orphans to do justice The word Jihad and sword were not mentioned in the Quran nor was to kill someone These 2 examples show that verses of Quran came down at the time of an incident and dont always have a universal significant In the Torah or bible SamuelDavid that occurred in the scripture all occur in one place However Joseph continues to be in all sections However in the Quran there is reference to everything all throughout the Quran but no
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