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APSC 101 Final: APSC 101 Final Study Guide

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Applied Science
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APSC 101
Peter Ostafichuk

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PreModule Technical Skills in Design: Personal Protective Equipment: Every individual must wear closed toe shoes, long pants, and safety goggles (not eyeglasses!) Snips: Never cuts wires Different colours mean different turning directions Green: left snip (right turn) Red: right snip (left turn) Seamer and Nibbler: Seamer Bending pliers, used to hold metal in place for bending Nibbler Nibbles slots out Hole Puncher: Punches holes in sheet metal Crosshairs on material help locate the center of the hole more precisely Riveting ToolPop Riveter: Uses pop rivets to combine multiple pieces of metal together Long thin portion on rivet called mandrel, the larger part called head and pin Module 5 Risk Assessment: Risk: Severity (harmconsequences) Likelihood (how often events occur) Hazard: Capacity of processes to cause damageharm to people, the environment, or assetsequipment Things that harm environment or people Ex. An avalanche due to snow buildup is a hazard to people Risk: Possibility of harm Ex. Monitoring of snow reduces the risk of avalanche These two are not the same! Project Risk: Possibility of an unfavourable project consequences Ex. Missing deadlines, going over budget, etc. Vulnerability: Potential for decisions, management, conditions, etc to yield negative consequences
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