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Study Guides for Biochemistry at University of British Columbia (UBC)

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UBCBIOC 301Jason ReadWinter

BIOC 301 Study Guide - Final Guide: Lac Operon, Bradford Protein Assay, Coomassie Brilliant Blue

OC125087 Page
1 why is determining protein structure important? a structure function (e. g. active sites, docking sites, signaling protein, how mutations affect func
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UBCBIOC 301Jason ReadWinter

BIOC 301 Study Guide - Final Guide: Bradford Protein Assay, Restriction Digest, Enzyme Kinetics

OC125084 Page
1 after 3 years of graduate studies, you have managed to purify a protein to the point where you are able to crystalise it. At this point, you can assu
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UBCBIOC 202Michael J.KrisingerSummer

BIOC 202- Midterm Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 211 pages long!)

OC1821803211 Page
Weak acids & bases, pka, and the henderson hasselbalch equation\ Define biochemistry and its role in living organisms. Outline the material to be cover
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UBCBIOC 403AllSpring

BIOC 403 Study Guide - Alanine, Epimerase And Racemase, Pyrophosphate

OC26934534 Page
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UBCBIOC 301Jason ReadSpring

BIOC 301 Study Guide - Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism, Restriction Enzyme, Thermal Cycler

OC2723766 Page
Ans: in order to extend dna a free 3"-oh must be present after a dna duplex. The primer must then be complimentary to the given oligonucleotide"s 3" en
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UBCBIOC 301Jason ReadFall

BIOC 301 Study Guide - Thermal Cycler, Palindromic Sequence, Restriction Enzyme

OC2168425 Page
The overshare-hydrolase(ovr-h) enzyme is inactivated in people who luv fb & twitter. You postulate that this inactive (ina) form is different from the
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