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University of British Columbia
BIOL 111

Biology 111 Practice Final Exam QuestionsDecember 2011These questions are designed to illustrate the format of exam questionsWe do not repeat in this final exam practice questions some of the chapter specific practice questions that are already posted in the course vistaBe sure to review themYou should also review the questions in the two midterm exams carefully reviewing the answer guidesSpaces have been decreased for the purposes of this practice examDuring the exam you will be expected to provide answers that range from a few words to a few sentences1One task that many boat owners hate is the chore of scraping the encrusting algae and animals that inevitably attach onto the hull of the boat These organisms create drag that slows the movement of the boat through the waterSpecial paints that contain biocide compounds have been developed to prevent fouling of the hullsCompounds such as tributyltin TBT have been banned in many countries because it is a nonspecific toxinThese compounds dissolve very slowly in sea water and are eventually absorbed by marine producers through diffusion Total 3 marks a As early as the 1970s TBT was linked to a dramatic decline in the population of oysters in FranceHow would these filter feeding animals acquire TBT1 markb There has been further concern about the effect of this toxin on fish and marine mammalsExplain why1 markc What recommendations would you make to the Government of France regarding antifouling marine paints1 mark 2 Rock pocket mice Chaetodipus pernix live in the deserts of the American southwest where the majority of the habitat is a light sand colour The mice have sandcoloured fur allowing them some camouflage from predators like owlsOne million years ago there were lava flows across parts of the desert creating regions of blackcoloured rock A black form of the mouse also exists with the majority of the black mice living in the regions with blackcoloured rock The difference between the two types of mice is due to mutations in one gene Scientists have been able to calculate that although mutations are rare there has been enough time for the mutations causing black fur to arise independently many times Total 12 marksa Did the lava flows cause the black mutation to occur in the population of mice Explain your answer 2 marks
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